It's about time for a website re-design?  Your website is a reflection of your business or organization.  Let your customers know that you are professional and offer high quality service with a web site that expresses you.
  Take a look at a couple re-designs by Ovation Web Design. 
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Look/Feel:  Home spun Look/Feel:  Professional, user friendly
  The Mailbox Shop is a company that sells and installs high quality mailboxes.  Because they offer a large variety of products, their website is image intensive.  By optimizing their images and updating their look and feel, we created a site that is easy to understand and navigate while portraying the professional, high quality nature of the company.
Content:  4 pages containing mostly descriptive information about the company.  
Content:  17 pages offering specific information with many opportunities for customers to take action.
  Templates can be nice and certainly make it easy to get a web page created, but PaidSooner decided it was time to have their own unique look and feel which better represented their business.  By finding and creating appropriate images for  the merchant business, and working with PaidSooner to present relevant material, we created a site that helps their customers better understand their service options and gives them multiple opportunities to engage in business with PaidSooner.  We designed a logo that they were able to put on business cards and letterhead.  The whole package, provided by Ovation Web Design, put them on the market as a unique and professional business.


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